Happy Memorial Day Status For WhatsApp And Messages For Facebook

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Memorial Day 2020 is here and we have created best quotes & sayings to honor all the armed personnel of the United States who sacrificed their lives for the nation. This year’s Memorial Day in the U.S. is on Monday 25th May 2020. This is a national holiday and is celebrated across the country by attending parades, visiting graves of soldiers and honoring them. You all should support & celebrate this day with your friends by updating your profile on social media and share posts about this day. You can post your thoughts & emotions by using some of the best Memorial Day quotes which we have listed for you. To honor this day, we should share Memorial Day messages with friends & families. We should select patriotic quotes by leaders & famous personalities that are having a deep impact on our hearts and will make one understand about the significance of the day.

Happy Memorial Day Status For WhatsApp And Messages For Facebook

Memorial Day Wishes for Facebook Status
1). Memorial Day wishes to all the proud citizens of United States of America…. It is the day to salute all the martyrs and their sacrifices!!!

2). Today is the day to proudly remember all the soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Let us bow our heads to honor their sacrifices. Wishing you Happy Memorial Day.

3). Patriotism was the only reason because of which so many army men fought for our land. Honor their lives by being a patriotic countryman. Sending you and your family warm wishes on Memorial Day.

4). We have to carry forward the legacy of our heroes who died serving the nation. Let us remember them on this day dedicated to them. Warm wishes on Memorial Day to you.

Happy Memorial Day Status For WhatsApp And Messages For Facebook

5). We can never repay the debt of all the lost lives in the war. All that we can do is thank them for giving their lives for the country and making us proud. Happy Memorial Day to you.

6). Today is the day to remember the glory of all those who fought for the faith of the nation and gave their lives without hesitation. Sending warm wishes to you on Memorial Day.

7). In war, there is always a winner or a loser. Let us thank all those soldiers who made us a winner with their efforts and giving away their lives. Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day.

8). Let us remember all the heroes who have gave away their lives for their countries. They contributed in bringing happiness to our lives. Warm wishes to you on Memorial Day.

9). The brave never die, they always remain alive in memories and stories. Today is the day to remember and honor their sacrifices. Sending you and your family warm wishes on Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day Status For WhatsApp And Messages For Facebook

10). Freedom never comes for free, we have to pay a heavy cost. America lost its soldiers and their blood to get that freedom. Let us thank the efforts of these army men. Happy Memorial Day.

Death is the ultimate truth but our soldiers who lost their lives while serving the country should always be honored. We should respect the great sacrifice of these brave hearts that have greatly contributed to our lives and country.

If you are looking for Memorial Day WhatsApp status, Facebook status, quotes, or messages you must definitely look for this article. In this blog, we have shared some of the best messages and quotes about Memorial Day 2020 that will help you for sharing on social media sites to express your love for your country!

Memorial Day 2020 Quotes And Messages

Happy Memorial Day Status For WhatsApp And Messages For Facebook

We should honor every sacrifice on Memorial Day remembrance. Everyone doesn’t have that courage and dedication to fight for the country, which oftentimes also includes going in the war. Most of the times the war can be intense armed conflict between societies, governments, and paramilitary groups. Military personnel subjected to combat in war frequently suffer physical & mental injuries, plus posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, injury, disease, and death. This devotion & sacrifice should not go waste, rather it should be glorified, celebrated. This patriotism is simply pure and honored.

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